Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things I Have Learned from My Nephews and Nieces Part 2*
*check last week’s TT  for Part 1 

1. Never tell a child your real age…no matter how young you are you will always be OLD to them and they won’t be shy about telling you either!

2. Barney made dozens of shows/tapes, yet a child will want to watch the same one over and over and over until even you have it memorized and can act it out.

3. Even when you think a child isn’t listening don’t be surprised when they later repeat everything you said…so be careful what you say!

4. Toys have changed since I was a kid:  Barbie’s clothes have gotten skimpier, video games are more popular, VHS tapes are almost obsolete thanks to DVDs. Kids have their own computers now too and know more about them than some adults.

5. If a child quietly disappears from the room don’t be surprised if they are up to something they aren’t supposed to be.

6. If you are going somewhere, don’t tell a child until you are ready to walk out the door otherwise you will hear endless, “Is it time to go?” “I want to go.” “Let’s go.” “When are we going?”…

7. Getting hit in the face with a ball hurts but causes endless enjoyment and laughter to a child.

8. Give a child a Gameboy and you may not see them for weeks…you may just have to surgically remove the Gameboy from their hands.

9. Never watch a movie for the first time with a child who has seen it.  They will gladly spoil everything for you by telling you what is about to happen…either with words, laughter, or covering their eyes.

10. Never leave a cup of soda unattended.  A child will inevitably find it creating A) a mess B) a caffeine/sugar high  C) tears when you take it away D) arguments at bed time when the child is not sleepy because of caffeine or E) All of the Above

11. There are some things in this world I will never understand…Pokemon, Barney, The Wiggles, Bratz dolls, Teletubbies, etc.

12. When a child randomly hugs you during a meal it is probably to get out of eating.

13. I cannot imagine life without them!


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8 Responses to Thursday Thirteen #5

  1. I used to think “Barbie” was the dreaded B-word, not to be brought up in my household. Now that word is “Bratz.” My daughter will NOT be getting any Bratz toys and they will not darken my door. What are we teaching our daughters with these toys? At least Barbie has multiple careers and reasonable maturity. And she doesn’t hang with her homeys and they bling-bling trippin for some pimps, yo. Ick.

    Thanks for these lists, Jennifer. You’re very observant about children LOL. I like the “hugging to get out of eating” line. And thanks for the link in your “First lines” post.

  2. Jennifer Y says:

    LOL…you are very welcome! I liked your first lines post!

    I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I’d like to think my nieces and nephews are helping to prepare me…LOL. As for the Bratz dolls, my nieces don’t have any (that I know of), but I just don’t understand them…I watched a cartoon once of Baby Bratz and just didn’t get what message it was trying to send.

  3. Carrie Lofty says:

    No matter how many toys, a child only wants to play with the one his/her sibling has.

  4. Cecily says:

    What a great, observant and well informed aunt you are! This is all stuff I had to learn the hard way from my kids.

  5. Love all these, Jennifer, but # 10 is my favorite! I’m still wiping away the tears, but nice and high on the laughter!


  6. Jennifer Y says:

    Carrie: That is a great one! Can’t believe I forgot that one! We recently experienced that at a family get-together with my nieces and nephews fighting over the same toy…LOL.

  7. >> There are some things in this world I will never understand…Pokemon, Barney, The Wiggles, Bratz dolls, Teletubbies, etc. <<

    Even after three kids, I STILL don’t understand those!! Luckily they’ve grown out of most of them – except for Pokemon!! Ugh! 😉


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