What Are You Reading?

Okay…so this post doesn’t quite follow the same format as the ones from past weeks…I thought I’d tell you about some ebooks I recently read (but didn’t put in the sidebar).  For some reason I have been in an ebook mood and have been reading them each night…some of these I have had for quite a while, but never read…here are the ones I have read recently…all are a bit sensual/erotic…just letting you know…they might not be for everyone.

Shelter from the Storm by Lara Williams (or Samantha Sommersby…when doing a search I found it listed under both names…hmmm…my copy has Lara Williams on it with the same cover as the S.S. version)
Anyway…I LOVED this story. Maclain Moore has just agreed to be Jennifer Jones’s roommate when Jennifer gets the news that her estranged mother has died and her much-younger little sister needs her. Mac, a social worker, helps Jennifer deal with the unexpected news. Jennifer struggles with abuse and violence from her past and is not sure she is capable of loving anyone. Mac helps her deal with these things.  I thought this story was wonderful and touching. Mac is a great hero and I love how he helps Jennifer see her worth. Both characters grow as individuals and as a couple making for a touching romance.

Love’s Revenge by Monica Burns
This book was a great (and hot) historical! Having been ruined by an ex-fiance and her father when he jilted her (for great reasons), the Devil of Devlyn is surprised when her older sister appears and offers him a chance at something he longs for…revenge. At age 41, Sophie Hamilton is tired of living in the shadow of her younger sister and has given up on love. Seeking her own revenge against her sister and father, she approaches Devlyn with an offer of assistance…if he marries her. I loved the older woman/younger man (Devlyn is 32) aspect of the story. I thought the story was well-done and the characters likeable. There were some very sensual moments that left me a bit breathless (and they weren’t even touching each other in one of them). I loved the epilogue as well…it is probably one of my favorite scenes of the whole book.

California Cowboy by Maggie Casper
This was a good (and hot) contemporary. Clay Bodine is shocked to learn that the new “kid” his brother hired to work on the ranch is actually a female, Bobbie Carlington…one he finds very attractive. Used to doing things her own way and being independent, Bobbie has no use for demanding and controlling men like Clay. Having made up his mind to make Bobbie his, Clay sets out to do just that…but to keep her he just might have to change his ways. I really liked the characters in this book…although at times, I admit, I wanted to smack Clay. It was a good story though and I liked how the relationship changed and grew (as did the characters). I see on the author’s site that there is a sequel featuring the brother, Chance…might have to try and get that one since I really liked him.

Stranded by Arianna Hart
This was a very, very hot and great story! When Ciara agreed to go with her sister to a cabin in the woods she never expected to be stranded there with Ross, her nemesis. Ciara and Ross can’t seem to get along…or forget each other. Now thanks to her sister and his best friend who have grown tired of their bickering, Ciara and Ross find themselves stuck at the cabin for a week with no way to leave. Determined to make the most of the situation, the couple decides to explore other aspects of their relationship and the pleasures the cabin has to offer hoping that once the week is up, they would have gotten the other out of their system…but things don’t always work out as you plan. This was a very HOT read and I really enjoyed the chemistry and relationship between Ciara and Ross.

Yeah, I know I got repetitive in my mini-reviews…sorry…it is late and I am tired and couldn’t think so I am not sure this even makes sense…LOL…I’ll make up for it 😉

 So what are you all reading?

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18 Responses to What Are You Reading?

  1. Hey there! I thought I’d try to clear up the Lara Williams/Samantha Sommersby confusion. We’re one and the same. When I first began writing I published as Lara and Samantha, but it soon became apparent that having two identities was going to be a complete pain. My pubisher was kind enough to re-release the Lara Williams works under my Samantha Sommersby moniker. So, if you’re looking for anything else that I’ve written, it will be under the Samantha Sommersby.

    Btw, Shelter from the Storm is near and dear to my heart because my hubby is a Social Worker like Mac, working with abused kids. There’s actually quite a bit of him in that here. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed the book!


  2. Jennifer Y says:

    Ah…I thought that might be the case! It was a great book!

  3. Lois says:

    Presently finishing up a reread of Forever Mine, Valentine by Vicky Lewis Thompson and then will be starting the spy series of Jenna Peterson’s – From London With Love, Desire Never Dies and Seduction is Forever. 🙂


  4. Jennifer Y says:

    I haven’t read those yet Lois, but have them around here in the TBR Mountain. Psst…Jenna is supposed to be a guest here in December!!! I am very excited about it.

  5. Cindy says:

    I recently finished Secrets Within by Amy Mistretta. Loved it!

    At the moment I’m reading Train from Marietta by Dorothy Garlock, with Secrets of the Dead by Shiela Stewart lined up after that. 😀

  6. Christy H. says:

    I just finished reading I’m Your Santa by Lori Foster, Karen Kelley and Dianne Castell; Caine’s Reckoning by Sarah McCarty; The Last Noel by Heather Graham; and Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh. They were all great reads.

  7. Jennifer Y. says:

    Cindy: I haven’t read any of those…looked them up though and they sound interesting.

    Christy H: Ooohh…great list. I have I’m Your Santa and Caine’s Reckoning in the TBR Mountain. I LOVE Sarah McCarty’s books so I am looking forward to read Caine’s story. I really want to get Nauti Nights.

  8. Jane says:

    I just finished “Seduction is Forever” by Jenna Petersen. I’ve already started on “Fear No Evil” by Allison Brennan and “Beyond Seduction” by Stephanie Laurens.

  9. fedora says:

    Jennifer, thanks for posting those reviews–I’ll have to look for some of them (hadn’t read any by these authors before, and they do sound really good!)

    Just finished reading an old Temptation by Vicki Lewis Thompson, and am not sure what to pick up next off the towering TBR…

  10. Jennifer Y says:

    Jane: I need to get the Jenna Petersen book, but have the others in the TBR pile.

    Fedora: You are very welcome…I hope you enjoy them. I had never read any of the authors before either, but enjoyed these stories. They are all more sensual or erotic romances though so just warning ya that they do get HOT! And I love VLT’s books. Good luck choosing a book to read next. That is often one of the most difficult things for me to do.

  11. Laura J says:

    Good Afternoon Jennifer!!!

    I just finished up Janet Evanovich’s Wife for Hire. I needed something light and fun and that book didn’t disappoint! Next up is A Very Merry Christmas by Lori Foster, Gemma Bruce and Janice Maynard. I’m trying to work my way through all my Christmas books before Christmas!

  12. Angie-la says:

    Hey Jennifer!
    Just wanted to let you know my package arrived yesterday..love the goth-tini glass!
    Thanks again!

    And can I ask you a question? What do you use for your e-books? Do you have a reader or do you read them on your computer? I have several that I have been putting off reading because the lap-top died and I just don’t get into sitting at the desk-top for the time it takes to read a full e-book! I am exploring other options… 😛

    This week I am reading Linda Lael Miller’s ‘A Wanted Man.’

    Laura J…I am the opposite. I save my Christmas books to read (and re-read!) during December!

  13. Jennifer Y says:

    Laura J: I have not read that Evanovich book (or any of hers yet)…and A Very Merry Christmas is in the TBR Mountain (seems like I have been saying that a lot today…LOL). I read Christmas books year-round 😀

    Angie-la: Thanks for letting me know you got it and I am glad you like it! As for reading ebooks, sadly I don’t have a handheld reader (it is on the Birthday/Christmas wishlist though so I hope to get one soon…I am thinking of getting a Palm, but I have been exploring my options as well) and so I am using the laptop for now. I have the LLM book in….you guessed it…the TBR Mountain…LOL

  14. Laura J says:


    I did that last year, but I’ve been “collecting” Christmas books since Dec 26, 06 and I have a small mountain of them. I’ve been reading them between non-holiday books.

  15. Michelle says:

    I love your new blog! 🙂

    I’m reading Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Or trying to rather. No fault of the book or the author. I’m taking all these meds for my congestion and they make me fall asleep so I get about two pages in and them…poof…I’m out.

  16. Jennifer Y says:

    Michelle: Thanks and I hope you feel better!!!!

  17. Cara says:

    Oh, I haven’t read Stranded yet. It sounds really good. I’m going to have to check it out.

  18. Arianna Hart says:

    Oh wow!!
    thanks for the major pick me up!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed my “little erotica that could” !
    Thanks for the kudos!!

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