Spotlight on…

Heidi Betts 

Today’s spotlight is on author Heidi Betts, who was kind enough to be a guest today on my blog!
So heeeere’s Heidi….

Hello, everyone!  And a very special thank you to Jennifer for inviting me to guest blog here at Random Musings. 

As anyone who knows me can attest, I rarely do things the easy way or in a consistent manner.  I think it may be an oddity in my genetic make-up, because even when I try my best to be logical or simplify my life, I still somehow manage to go at it from the wrong direction. 

Ever decided to make a meatloaf and dig out the spices, pre-heat the oven, caramelize the onions…only to realize you forgot to thaw the ground beef?  I have. 

Ever started reading a book only to discover it’s the second or third in an ongoing series and you don’t have the first one?  I have—so many times I’ve lost count. 

Ever written a story and turned it in, then done the research for it a week before the book was scheduled to be released?  Yep, I’ve done that, too. 

CHRISTMAS IN HIS ROYAL BED, my November Silhouette Desire and the third installment of my unofficial “Bed” trilogy (which began with BEDDED THEN WED and BLACKMAILED INTO BED)christmasbed-cover.jpg is set on the island kingdom of Glendovia.  The heroine, Alandra Sanchez, travels there over the holidays to work for the mysterious Prince Nicolas.  Unbeknownst to her, however, the prince has seen her before, knows who she is, and has invited her to his home with the sole intention of seducing her. 

Now, Glendovia is a fictional province, but I did my best to describe it in a way that I thought would be accurate if it really did exist.  Researching with books and online isn’t quite the same as actually going to an island to experience the locale first-hand, but sometimes it’s the best an author can do.  After all, if we jetted off around the world every time we needed a piece of information for a work-in-progress, we’d never be home long enough to actually write our books. *g*

So imagine my surprise when, months after I’d finished Alandra’s and Nicolas’s story and turned it in, the chance to do just that—jet off to an island paradise—popped up.  It was one of those bizarre, once-in-a lifetime opportunities that I simply couldn’t pass up. 

Granted, Glendovia is a Mediterranean island, and I traveled to the Caribbean, but let’s just pretend that an island is an island is an island, regardless of how far it is from the equator.  And just like Alandra, I spent a holiday away from home on a strange island—Halloween instead of Christmas, but it still counts, right?  The point is, I learned what it was like to leave home and spend time in a place surrounded by water, more beautiful than anywhere has a right to be, with people who are different and unique, but also just like you and me. 

The good news, looking back, is that I think I did a pretty decent job of describing the island kingdom of Glendovia.  That little word, “fictional,” helped…I mean, you can’t exactly go wrong when you’re making it up, right? *vbg*…but I still managed to correctly convey the solitude, the splendor, and the attitude of island life. 

Alas, there was no handsome prince waiting to seduce me when I stepped off the plane.  Or checked into the hotel…or toured the tiny downtown shops…or drove around the island taking in the sights…  But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. 

Hey, I’m a romance writer; I’m pretty sure I’m required by law to be a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic. 

To read more about CHRISTMAS IN HIS ROYAL BED and my trip to St. Thomas, feel free to visit my website——and blog—  See you there…and when you arrive, the rum’s on me! J 

Oh, and to celebrate the release of CHRISTMAS IN HIS ROYAL BED, which is on bookstore shelves now, I’d like to run a little raffle here on Jennifer’s blog, giving away one copy of each of the books leading up to Alandra’s and Nicolas’s story, (BEDDED THEN WED and BLACKMAILED INTO BED). Two lucky readers will each receive one of the books.  If it’s all right with her, I’ll let Jennifer draw names from all the comments left in response to this post and also let her decide who gets which book. J  Good luck and happy reading! 

Thank you again for having me.  I hope your holidays are happy and safe and filled with romance!

Heidi Betts

Thank you so much Heidi for being a guest and for your generosity!!! 

So readers, as Heidi mentioned, today’s spotlight has a giveaway!
There will be two lucky winners! 
One winner will receive a copy of BEDDED THEN WED and another winner will receive a copy of BLACKMAILED INTO BED! 

beddedlg.jpg           blackmailedlg.jpg

To enter, just leave a comment below! 
Please read the contest rules though before entering!
US residents only please for this contest!

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday morning so you have until then to comment! 

So tell me readers, have you ever been on an island getaway?  If not, would you like to?  And have you ever read one of Heidi’s books?


24 Responses to Spotlight on…

  1. Cherie J says:

    Yes, I have been on an island getaway. Hubby and I went to St. Thomas for our honeymoon and loved it there. We would like to go again someday. I will have to go to Heidi’s website and read about her trip there. Never read any of Heidi’s books but the more I learn of them the more I want to. Enjoyed this post.

  2. Jane says:

    I was at a nice resort on the Big Island in Hawaii, but I’ve always wondered about those Hedonism Resorts. I definitely don’t have the guts to go to a nude resort though. I’ve read Heidi’s short story in the “Heat Wave” anthology titled “Shaken and Stirred.”

  3. bluecat says:

    I’ve never been on an island getaway. I’d love to see Hawaii, go to a luau, check out the lava flows. I’d also love to see Australia and New Zealand. Do those count as islands? I haven’t read any of Heidi’s books.

  4. Rhonda Barnes says:

    Hello, Heidi,
    I love your website and your books sound awesome!

    Rhonda 🙂

  5. Christy H. says:

    I’ve never been on an island getaway ~ YET…but, I’m going to Cabo in February!

    I haven’t read any of Heidi’s books yet. I’ve visited at WipsandChains and had fun learning more about her and her books.

  6. fedora says:

    We’ve been to Hawaii, but would love to visit one of those little tropical islands 🙂 It always sounds so romantic and fun!

    Don’t include me in the drawing–I have both of the books Heidi’s generously giving away.

  7. Lois says:

    Hiya! 🙂 And I love Christmas related books, so hope to pick it up soon! 🙂

    Islands. . . ah, I probably went on some man-made island in Disney World 20 years ago, but that’s about it. LOL 🙂 But I wouldn’t mind going on one now. . . nice and quiet, can sleep, can read. . . just if it’s deserted I guess that means I’d have to do my own cooking which can be bad, but anyway. . .


  8. Heidi Betts says:

    Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for your great response to my guest blog!

    Cherie~ How cool that you went to St. Thomas for your honeymoon. I can certainly see why now that I’ve been there myself. 😀 And just so you know, I haven’t actually gotten around to blogging about my trip yet. I totally intend to–even go the pics developed so I can post those, too–I’ve just been a bit slow & lazy in actually reporting all the fun I had. (I should have mentioned that in addition to doing things backwards most times, I also do have a slow & lazy streak in me. :-P)

    Jane~ I don’t think I’d have the courage for a nude resort, either. I’m not the most modest person you’ll ever meet, but I do have my limits. Plus, I’m not a big fan of sunburns & can you just imagine where all you might turn pink & rosy if you were naked for your entire vacation?!? Yikes! Hope you enjoyed “Shaken and Stirred,” btw!

    Bluecat~ I love the water, which is why I think island getaways appeal to me over just about anything else. Skiiing, for instance, would be totally lost on me & if I did get roped into going for something like that, you could find me 100% of the time in the lodge, sipping cocoa in front of the fireplace. Me? Cold? Snow? Flying down a mountain on a couple of toothpicks? Um…no. I don’t know if Australia & NZ count as islands, but I think they’d be cool to visit, too. Except for the incredible amount of time it would take to get there. Sheesh!

    Rhonda~ Thanks so much, I’m thrilled to hear it! I hope you’ll drop by my blog ( once in a while & leave a post there, too. We’d love to chat with you. 😀

    Christy~ Way to go! I don’t know where you live, but since it will be frigid here in PA by February, I think it’s awesome that you’ll be basking in the sun & surf of Cabo while the rest of us are freezing our buns off. *g* And thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to pop in & chat with us anytime!

    Fedora~ Hi, there! Nice to see you over here, too. 😀 I got the chance to visit Hawaii when the RWA National conference was there back in ’95 & it was awesome. I’d love the chance to go back. And you’re so sweet to pass on the book drawing, but drop by anyway. Thanks!

  9. Heidi Betts says:

    Whoops! Hi, Lois! Your comment must have been going up just as I was posting mine. 🙂

    I love Christmas books, too, which was why I was so excited to have the chance to write this one. I was also lucky enough to be able to write it right around the holidays…I don’t know what I’d have done if I’d been expected to be in the Christmas spirit in May or July or something. LOL

    I’m with you on wishing I could hie off to some secluded island somewhere to do nothing but sleep & read. I actually thought I’d do more of that on my trip, but once we got there, it was go, go, go all the time. We wanted to see & do everything we could before we had to leave, so I never once got to pick up a book (except on the plane) & didn’t even get the chance to write in my joural. I took the darn thing all the way there & back to document my wonderful vacation & never wrote a single word. 😛

  10. Laura J says:

    Hi Heidi and Jennifer!

    I have never been on an island getaway although I have been trying to talk my husband into going to Aruba. Unfortunately he is not much of a sun and sand kind of guy so it will probably take lots of persuading to get him to go.

    I have Heat Wave in my tbr stack. I’m holding it back for when the days get really cold (and according to the local forcast folklore predictions it’s gonna be cold and snowy…YUCK). If it does then I may end up on a tropical island without my dear hubby!

  11. Heidi Betts says:

    Hi, Laura! I’d love to go to Aruba. My mother knows someone who went there & he said there are all kinds of caves & legends about buried pirate treasure. I think that’s where he went, anyway.

    I’m actually not much for the sun myself. I’m okay with sand, altho I must admit I forgot how it gets *everywhere* when you go to the beach…in your hair & toes & swimsuit. Sheesh! But I slathered myself with SPF & did the island every day, anyway. And it wasn’t so bad…we took a few tours & visited interesting places, so it wasn’t just plopping down on the beach & not moving for three days. LOL Tell your husband he’ll be fine. Oh, & they love to drink in the Caribbean & Bahamas! Everywhere we went, they were shoving rum-based concoctions into our hands. Yum. :-p

    I hope you enjoy HEAT WAVE. I loved working on Mike’s & Abby’s story, & it should definitely be one to warm you up on a cold winter day. Let me know what you think, okay?

  12. Teresa W. says:

    About ten years ago me and my boyfriend went on a 2 week vacation. First a week in Florida then we took a cruise for a week and stayed in the Bahamas. While there we had a full itinerary of different things we could do every day. We went on a boat to a little island and they called this the Robinson Carusoe getaway. While sailing to the island went got to go snorkeling off of the boat. When we finally got to the island they had a big spread set up with food and drinks on the beach. Spent the day tanning and swimming and eating great food. This was a really fun time! As an avid reader of all genres I’m always looking for new authors to read and both books sound great. Glad you could be here today.

  13. Jennifer K. says:

    I’ve done a lot of traveling, but other than a trip to England about 10 years ago, I can’t say I’ve been to an island… and I don’t see London as an island getaway. However, seeing as I’m home sick from work, I would love to be anywhere warm.

  14. Laura J says:


    A cool trick that my aunt who used to live near the beach in Florida told us to get rid of sand off hands and feet was to put baby powder over the sand and then it comes right off. I actually keep some with my kids sandbox stuff for when they are through playing and it works like a charm.

    I think someday I’ll be able to get him there, once the kiddos are grown and gone. Got my fingers crossed anyway. : p

  15. Cindy says:

    I’ve never been on an island getaway. 😦 But I would LOVE to. 😀

    I’m also hanging my head in shame as I’ve never read one of Heidi’s books. 😦 I’m thinking very seriously of ordering Walker’s Widow off of her site. Is that part of a series / trilogy?

  16. Cait London says:

    Your story sounds really, really good.

  17. Crystal B. says:

    I have never been on an island giveaway but I hope to do so some day. 🙂
    I love Heidi’s books. I have read all of her historicals and several of her Desires. Blackmailed Into Bed was great.

  18. Crystal B. says:

    I have never been on an island getaway. I hope to some day.
    I love Heidi’s books. I have read all of her historicals and some of her Desires. Blackmailed Into Bed was a great read. 🙂

  19. Maureen says:

    The last time I went on an island getaway was on my honeymoon like so many others. I have read a Heidi Bett’s book but it was a little while ago and my memory is poor so I couldn’t tell you the name.

  20. Heidi Betts says:

    Teresa~ I’ve never been on a cruise, but would love to take one someday. It’s next on my list…or so I keep saying. 🙂 Oh, & I got to snorkel on my vacation, too. My first time, & it was a blast! I can’t wait to do it again.

    Jennifer~ Sorry to hear you’re sick. Feel better soon! I’ve never been to England, but would really like to visit there someday. And I don’t know if it’s considered an island or not. Maybe the same way NYC is one, huh? LOL But certainly not the sun & sand & surf type. 🙂

    Laura~ I’ve never heard of that. Does it work on wet sand, too, or just the dry stuff? Thankfully, they had showers at the beach, so we could get most of it off, but we still came home with a couple tablespoons in our luggage. 😛

    Cindy~ Maybe you’ll get to an island someday. I certainly never expected to go to one, so you never know what will happen! And there’s no time like the present to discover my books. LOL WALKER’S WIDOW is part of a trilogy–“Welcome to Purgatory”–that includes CALLIE’S CONVICT & HANNAH’S HALF-BREED. But it’s the first of the three, so it would be a good place to start. 🙂 (Btw, if you do order off my website, please let me know if you have any problems. That’s a new section of the site & it hasn’t really been tested yet, so I don’t know how it works…or how well. There may be some bugs that need to be ironed out yet.)

    Cait~ Hi, there! Nice chatting with you last night at Writerspace. I tried to find your MySpace page after you mentioned it, but no luck. Can you send me the actual URL so I can send a friend request? Or better yet, send me one thru my page:

    That goes for everyone else, too, btw! If you’d like to link to me at either MySpace ( or Shelfari (, you’re more than welcome!

    Crystal~ You’re such a sweetie–thanks for the super-kind words about my books, especially BLACKMAILED INTO BED! And you’ll get to an island someday, I just know it. 😀

    Maureen~ I think a honeymoon is the perfect excuse to go to an island paradise. 😀

  21. Laura J says:


    It works on both but it has to be regular baby powder. We never left for the beach without it.

  22. Heidi Betts says:

    I’m going to remember that, Laura. I don’t get near sand very often, but if it works, it sounds like something that should go in my beach bag right along with sunscreen, sunglasses, noseplugs, & a good book. 😀 Thanks!

  23. Caitlin Hoy says:

    Hi I can’t wait to see what happens next in your book. It seems like a totally awesome read. I am so going to buy it.

  24. Heidi Betts says:

    Hi, Caitlin, thanks for dropping by! I’m glad you’re excited about CHRISTMAS IN HIS ROYAL BED, & I certainly hope you enjoy it. You’ll have to be the judge of whether it’s awesome or not, tho…let me know what you decide, okay? 😀

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