We’ve reached the halfway point of the party…

So, how is everyone enjoying the blog party?

I am sure you all are dying to know more about my other wonderful guests of honor, The Impalers, so without further ado let me introduce them…

Ren D’Antoni- Guitar, Vocals (Real name Sonny Kane)
Born in Life: 1785
Born in Death: 1815
The illegitimate son of an English Duke and an Italian Opera singer, Ren aspired to be a composer, but died on the cusp of fame. Frustrated, he’s restless and quick to stir trouble in the band. 

Johnny Malone- Drummer (Real name Greg Hampton)
Born in Life: 1895
Born in Death: 1930
The son of Irish immigrants, Johnny grew up on the streets of Chicago, running with gangsters in the twenties.  Now a homeowner, he spends his down time as an active member of the Council for the Preservation of the Purity of Blood. 

Drake- Bass (Real name Brian B)
Born in Life: 1721
Born in Death: 1755
Sent to the colonies in lieu of Debtor’s Prison, Drake took to the high seas as a pirate running rum.  Now he drinks the blood of alcoholics and runs a side business as a tattoo artist. 

Wyatt Axelrod- Guitar (Real name Tim Perry)
Born in Life: 1850
Born in Death: 1888
A former sheriff who died in a shoot out, Wyatt keeps the peace in the band, and has a crush on the mortal waitress at the club.  It’s his suggestion to take the band on the road for a tour of vampire friendly venues. 

David Foster- Guitar, Vocals (Real name Craig Stegall)
Born in Life: 1945
Born in Death: 1969
An insomniac who is always up for a good party, David was acquaintances with Kelsey Columbia in NYC in the sixties.  The newest member of the band and the youngest vampire, David has a penchant for lava lamps and bad-ass vampire chicks. 

Vittorio Ridgewood- Keyboard (Real name Michael Todd)
Born in Life: 1793
Born in Death: 1815
Former band member and Ren’s half-brother, Vittorio is the legitimate child of an Italian opera singer and the fifth son of an English Earl. Classically trained on the piano and the violin, Vittorio is drawn to the overt seediness of Bourbon Street in the search to escape his past.
*Vittorio is a former member, but will be featured in a Brava single title by Kathy 

You can find pics and video of the guys in action plus learn more about The Impalers and their alter egos at their website:  

Also, be sure to check out their blog:


These guys sound great!  So tell me readers, what do you think of The Impalers?  Pretty cool idea, huh?

Wonder if we can convince them to play some more songs on stage for us…hmmm….off to sample some more punch (and flirt with the undead 😉 )!

Have fun everyone!
And check back tomorrow when I have a very special blog that I am sooo excited about!

Remember to comment below for a chance to win a Party Favor Pack from me complete with Halloween goodies, a plastic Goth-tini glass, and author promo items!  Details can be found here.  Also, don’t forget to enter the Get Impaled! Scavenger Hunt found on Sunday’s post!


19 Responses to We’ve reached the halfway point of the party…

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    Such interesting characters. I love the summaries of the band members. This party has been so much fun!

  2. Wendy says:

    I went to their site and watched the Novel Teaser vid for Any Way You Want It and it’s so good! The band members sound fantastic. 🙂

  3. pearl says:

    Great band. I enjoyed all the information about them. Thanks for the blog party.

  4. Angie-la says:

    I think the Impalers ROCK!!!
    And the website is way cool.
    As a side note, I actually have a cousin named Vittorio… 😛

  5. Marjie says:

    Not sure what URI stands for ….so I just put something in the space. 🙂
    I love the imagination you have for the band members bio’s. Each characters description makes me want to know where you will go with their stories. This should be a fun ride and I cannot wait to get started reading them. I have Fangs for the Memories, Fangs but no fangs, I only have Fangs for You and My sister is a Werewolf. I have to tell you that I loved reading about Rhys, Christian, and Sebastian the most. Books that run in a series are my favorite and that is why I am excited about this Impalers series. Smiles your way 🙂 🙂 thanks

  6. tami says:

    i got impaled…hmm that sounds almost
    o well , having fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN and evreybody be safe
    now i got to find my cape

  7. Jennifer Y says:

    Cheryl S: Thanks!!

    Wendy: Aren’t they great?

    Pearl: You are more than welcome!

    Angie-la: I agree…they do ROCK! Interesting on the Vittorio…I had never heard that name before “meeting” The Impalers.

    Marjie: URL isn’t required…if you have a website you put in the website address….I agree…the bios make me want to read their stories.

    Tami: Yeah, there can be several meanings there huh? Have a great and safe Halloween!

    Have a safe Halloween everyone! Party on!

  8. Crystal G says:

    Awesome band!

  9. Cherie J says:

    Enjoying the music! The band is a great idea! Loved learning more about them. Happy Halloween all!

  10. Mandi says:

    These guys sound great. What interesting backgrounds…

  11. Wendy says:

    Jennifer: Definitely! 😀

    Mandi, I know right! – about the interesting backgrounds, that is – Especially Johnny!

    …what? I like the Irish! heheh.

  12. Sue A. says:

    I read about how the band came about. Very cool!
    Happy Halloween!

  13. Kathy Love says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    I’m so glad you all have enjoyed reading about the members of The Impalers. Erin and I had so much fun making up their bios and just creating the band in general.

    How has everyone’s Halloween been? I carved pumpkins with my daughter, then took her trick or treating. Now, I’m writing and watching Ghost Hunters LIVE. I love Ghost Hunters–one of my favorite shows.

  14. Jennifer Y says:

    Hi Kathy!
    I am watching that too!!! Glad you had fun!

  15. danette says:

    The Impalers are an awesome band,must be nice to play your music through time. 🙂

  16. Melissa K. says:

    Your blog party has been fun, Jennifer. I’m trying to have fun and take my mind off certain things.
    Hmm…wonder if Drake knows the pirate in my ancestry? I have 14 tattoos btw and want more!
    David, we should party! lol! I used to party with Janis Joplin’s cousin…seriously!

  17. Crystal B. says:

    I am really enjoying the party. The Impalers are great.

  18. Nathalie says:

    I had never heard of the Impalers…before this blog… going to read more!

  19. Lily says:

    Like Crystal… great party 🙂

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