And the party continues…

WooHoo!  I hope everyone is having a good time! 

So I managed to drag Erin off the dance floor to answer a few questions…okay, more than a few… 

myimmortal.jpgPlease tell us about your latest release.
My latest release is MY IMMORTAL, the story of Damien du Bourg, a demon slave, and Marley Turner, who is determined not to fall for his seductive charm. 

What inspired the story?
My love of history and the richness of the Louisiana setting.  I wanted to tell a darker story, with a more complex plot than I had tackled before.  

How was it making the transition from contemporaries to paranormals?  Or had you always planned to write a paranormal?
I always wanted to write a paranormal.  MY IMMORTAL was a book I started five years ago, but the market wasn’t there at the time.   I love contemporaries too, they’re just different.  Like writing night and day. 🙂 

Can you tell us more about the paranormals you have written?
I’ve written four vampire books in the Vegas Vampire series, which are more comedic paranormals.  The next and last book in the series, SUCKER BET, will be out in January of 2008.   Then MY IMMORTAL has kicked off a darker paranormal series featuring each of the seven deadly sins.  MY IMMORTAL is lust, while the next book, FALLEN, will feature gluttony (addiction).   FALLEN will be a May 2008 release. (Me:  Those sound sinfully delicious!  Okay, bad joke…blame the party punch!  Rumor is someone spiked it!  🙂 ) 

What is your favorite part of writing the paranormals?  Least favorite?
My favorite part is that I can do whatever I want in a paranormal.  My least favorite is that there’s usually a very heavy conflict to resolve.   Someone is usually human and someone isn’t, and that’s a big obstacle to a happily ever after. 

Any other genre you would like to write?
No, now that I’ve done comedy, darker paranormals, and YA (under the name Erin Lynn), I’m good for awhile. <g> 

What do you hope readers get out of your books?
I hope they’ll be entertained and enjoy the journey of the story.  I want them to laugh at my comedies and maybe catch their breath at my darker stories.  

Any plans to return to contemporaries?
Yes!  Look for a new sexy contemporary series from me in late 2008 featuring race car drivers.  (Me:  Oooh, I can’t wait for those!) 

So what is a typical day in the life of the fabulous Erin McCarthy like?
It’s exciting stuff.  I eat, I write, I work out, I shower, I eat, I write, I talk to Kathy on the phone.  Then the kids get home and I do the mom thing.  At night I check email.  That’s pretty much it for Monday through Friday.  : )

How long have you been a writer?
Since first grade when I wrote my first novel featuring a budding witch. (Me:  See, you knew paranormals would be big even when you were a kid…LOL)  I sold my first book in 2002. 

How many books have you written?
14 books and 11 novellas. 

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Read, read, read in the genre you’re interested in.  Study the market.  Join Romance Writers of America.  Submit your work to publishers over and over.  You have to be persistent if you want to succeed in this business.  

What is next for you?
I’m repeating myself here <g> (Me: that’s okay…we don’t mind) but SUCKER BET will be out in suckerbet.jpgJanuary 2008 and FALLEN in May 2008.

When Erin isn’t indulging the whims of a rabid…err…avid fan (me) with a blog party she can be found online at the following sites…check them out for more info on Erin and her wonderful books! 

I’ll let Erin go back to partying now…So tell me readers, have you ever read one of Erin’s books? If not, visit one of her sites and tell me one that catches your eye. 

Remember to comment below for a chance to win a Party Favor Pack from me complete with Halloween goodies, a plastic Goth-tini glass, and author promo items!  Details can be found here.  Also, don’t forget to enter the Get Impaled! Scavenger Hunt found on Sunday’s post!


26 Responses to And the party continues…

  1. tami says:

    you dont know jack
    when good things happent o bad boys
    bled dry
    houston we have a problem
    mouth to mouth
    bit the jack pot

    i LOVE erins books!!!!!!
    she has sense of humor, without TRYING to in your face, make you laugh

  2. Teresa W. says:

    Never read anything by her but she sounds like my kind of reads!

  3. Cheryl S. says:

    Good interview . . . I enjoyed it. I’ve read some of Erin’s contemporaries. I haven’t read any of the vampire books yet, but definitely want to try them.

  4. Wendy says:

    I’ve read mostly all of Erin’s books – except Bled Dry (not yet!) I LOVED Houston, We Have A Problem and well, there hasn’t been a book by her that I haven’t liked! 🙂

    Great interview, Jennifer!

  5. Crystal B. says:

    Great interview. I just read Charlotte’s Web in An Enchanted Season and loved it. 🙂

  6. Angie-la says:

    You know, I’ve not yet read one of Erin’s books. But I am a huge fan of paranormals, so it is only a matter of time before I succumb!
    I very much enjoyed the interview, Jennifer and Erin.

  7. Emma says:

    Good interview .In June 2008, Berkley will publish “THE POWER OF LOVE,” a special anthology from twelve authors – Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, Toni Blake, Karen Kelley, Rosemary Laurey, Janice Maynard, Erin McCarthy, LuAnn McLane, Lucy Monroe, Patricia Sargeant, Kay Stockham, and J.C. Wilder.

    The romance collection focuses on the empowerment of women. Can’t wait to read this book.

  8. pearl says:

    Great interview. Thanks for the info. I have not yet read any of Erin’s books but will definitely change that immediately and read them this fall, especially this week.

  9. Crystal G says:

    I loved the interview. I haven’t read any of Erin’s books yet. I have Bled Dry as the next book in my TBR pile.

  10. Jennifer – What a great blog! Congratulations and best of luck with it!! Erin and Kathy will keep you entertained, I know – for this week at least!

    Happy Halloween,
    Janice Maynard

  11. ThatBrunette says:

    While Jennifer was doing the interview, a few books from her TBR stack started to breed. Thats what she gets for reading romance novels!

  12. Jennifer Y says:

    Tami: Thanks for coming…those are great books. I love Erin’s use of humor as well.

    Teresa W: I highly recommend her books…her contemps are fun and steamy…her paranormals are great too!

    Cheryl S: Thanks for coming to the party….hope you have a good time.

    Wendy: Thanks Wendy!

    Crystal B: Ooooh…I haven’t gotten that one yet…I really want to though.

    Angie-la: Thanks for coming! Hope you try one of her books soon…her contemps are just as good as the paranormals too.

    Emma: Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful book and such a great cause too? Thanks for coming!

    pearl: Thanks…hope you enjoy the books!

    Crystal G: Bled Dry is a good one…I love the cover for that one as well!

    Janice: Thank you soooo much for stopping by! I hope you come back and visit!

    ThatBrunette: ROFL! Yup, that’s what I get for turning my back on those romance books….the piles are slowly starting to cover the computer….LOL. Thanks for visiting!


  13. danette says:

    HI Erin,
    Sweet Interview! I’m a big fan of comedic paranormals and YA!
    Hugs, Danette

  14. cathy M says:

    I actually haven’t read any of Erin’s stories yet, but My Immortal is already on my wish list.

  15. Mandi says:

    So far I have only read My Immortal.
    I loved it…
    I can’t wait for the next book to come out and in the meantime i’ll have to check out some of her other titles.

    Jen, This Party is GREAT 🙂

  16. Kathy Love says:

    I loved My Immortal too. Excellent read!!!

  17. Jennifer Y says:

    danette: Thanks for stopping by!

    Cathy M: Hope you get a chance to read it!

    Mandi: Thank you so much Mandi for saying the party is great! Y’all don’t know how much I worried about it!

    KATHY!!!! Thanks for popping in! All of Erin’s books are excellent, aren’t they? Yours as well!

    Come on everyone, the night is young…let’s keep partying!!! I’ve refilled the refreshment table and the band is still going strong!

  18. Kim says:

    Wow..lots of books coming. I have read several of Erin’s books. They were all very good, page turners. I love the cover of My Immortal. It’s fitting for a dark paranormal story. Adding this to my list.

  19. Nathalie says:

    I have read the Vampires series which I loved and Bled Dry was really good… so everyone go read it!

  20. Lily says:

    I have never read an Erin McCarthy book… but my Immortal looks very good 🙂 I should try it!

  21. Jennifer K. says:

    My favorite Erin McCarthy book is Mouth to Mouth. I think it might even be the first one I read. I keep eyeing the paranormals, but just haven’t picked one up yet.

  22. MelissaK says:

    I’ve never read one of Erin’s books but SUCKER BET catches my eye. I’m a Leo. I love the colors on the cover. And of course I think the story sounds great!

  23. Jennifer Y says:

    Thanks all for coming…keep on partying!

  24. Cherie J says:

    I have not read any of her books yet but I definitely need to put My Immortal on my wish list. It sounds great! I also have An Enchanted Season Anthology on my TBB list. Great party Jennifer! Just sent my answers for the Scavenger Hunt. That was fun!

  25. Hi from New Orleans!! I’m done here doing research for my SIN series of dark paranormals (okay, and having a lot of fun too!) but I wanted to pop in and say hi.

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments… I’m thrilled you all are enjoying my books!

    And special thanks to Jennifer for hosting a great party!! 🙂

  26. Marjie says:

    Hey Erin and Jennifer……
    Well, Jennifer this idea to party with The Impalers really worked for me. I love finding authors I haven’t read and now I was introduced to Erin’s work. Thanks Jennifer! By going to Erin’s website, entering the dark side to My Immortal, watching the video (amazing by the way) I am moved to read Erin’s books. I will definitely have to read the Vegas Vampire Series too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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