Let the partying begin…


Crank up the music and break out those dancing shoes! 
It is time for the Get Impaled! Party!


This started out as a crazy idea I had when I was cruising around on The Impalers website  and blog and turned into something that has been a lot of fun to plan!   

I want to thank Erin, Kathy, and The Impalers for agreeing to be my guests (and not thinking I had lost my mind)!   They have been very kind to me and have been a tremendous help even though they are very busy!  I really appreciate it!


I’d like to give a warm welcome to the guests of honor at my party! 


Erin McCarthy:
USA Today Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book to Kensington Brava through author Lori Foster’s website contest in 2002, much to her continued amazement.  Twenty-six books later, Erin is entertaining readers with her sassy, sexy tales of contemporary and paranormal romance.  Her first dark paranormal series focusing on the seven deadly sins will debut in September of 2007, and in her spare time she has ventured into the Young Adult market under the name Erin Lynn. 

Kathy Love:
Kathy started writing romances when she was in junior high. The heroines were her friends and the heroes were guys you may have heard of such as the Beatles, the Monkees, even the New Kids on the Block and Guns and Roses.  So it’s not surprising years later, she is working on stories with musicians as heroes.  Of course now the heroes are not just rockers, but they are vampires too.  Her newest series, includes The Impalers, a vampire rock group.  The first of which, titled Any Way You Want It, will be out in January 2008. And before these vampires, she also wrote her “Fangs” series about three vampire brothers and their werewolf sister.  She also wrote her “Stepp sisters” series, contemporaries based on not your average romance heroine.  

The Impalers:
The Impalers are the brainchild of bestselling authors Erin McCarthy and Kathy Love. While in New Orleans for a writers’ conference, and inspired by the live music playing up and down Bourbon Street, they formulated the unusual plan of creating a “real” vampire band.

Written into both of their books, the authors visualized a fictional band hiding their vampirism in plain sight by using The Impalers as a stage persona. Even better if the fictional band was actually based on real musicians currently playing in New Orleans.
They are musicians.  They are immortal.  They are The Impalers. 


The blog party will be going on all week, October 28-November 3!

I hope that everyone will visit each day for plenty of fun and a surprise or two! 

Check back later today when I announce how to win one of the wonderful prizes!!!!!  Believe me, you don’t want to miss that!

Don’t be shy!  Invite your friends!  Let’s party!


10 Responses to Let the partying begin…

  1. Cheryl S. says:

    It’s going to be such a fun week! Thanks for thinking of this, Jennifer!

  2. Kathy Love says:

    Hi Everyone!

    We are excited about getting a chance to chat with everyone and talk about our favorite subjects–writing, romance, vampires, and of course, The Impalers.
    Thanks for throwing the party, Jennifer!

  3. Kathy Love says:

    I tried posting earlier, but it never appeared. So if there ends up being two, please forgive me. I’m a computer dunce!

    Thank you so much, Jennifer, for having us! You put in a lot of time and hard work and we appreciate it. I can’t wait to talk to everyone about my favorite things–books, romance, vampires and of course The Impalers!

    Let’s party!

  4. Wendy says:

    Yeah, a party! I’m in! where are the drinks?? lol. Just kidding – but this does definitely sounds fun so I”ll be checking by. 🙂

  5. Jennifer Y. says:

    Hey! I think someone spiked the punch! LOL

    Thanks everyone! I hope you all will come back later in the week!

  6. Jennifer Y. says:

    Oh, and Kathy….THANK YOU and ERIN for all of your help!

  7. Mandi says:

    A party where i can talk about some great books and no one will give me the look,
    you know the look that says “this is neither the time nor the place…”
    What a wonderful Idea.
    This is a great way to introduce readers to your websites if they are not already familiar with the layout.
    I also loved the scavenger hunt idea, it was fun.


  8. Jennifer Y says:

    Thanks Mandi for visiting! I hope you all enjoy the party and what I have done! I honestly had no idea of what to do when I first asked Erin and Kathy about this and had a lot of fun planning it once they agreed!

    And no one will ever look at you strange here on my blog if you start talking about books…LOL

  9. Cherie J says:

    Sounds like fun! Great idea for a party!

  10. Hi, Jennifer. Just came over to check out the blog. Sounds like you’re having fun. 🙂

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